I read on his own blog this description about his work, and I think it’s a perfect way to introduce him to you.
Matt Henry photographs stories are inspired by the 60s and 70s like photographic ideograms. Three decades of an addiction to American cinema and television have led him to create a world where narrative fiction draws the viewer in. All his photography is shot in the UK, but it’s American-inspired so he builds sets using props he has sourced from America to recreate that US feel.

3_Matt Henry_thefomoblog

2_Matt Henry_thefomoblog

5_Matt Henry_thefomoblog

6_Matt Henry_thefomoblog

1_Matt Henry_thefomoblog

7_Matt Henry_thefomoblog

_Matt Henry_thefomoblog

9_Matt Henry_thefomoblog

PS: You can also read an interesting interview here.


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