The Louisville Visual Art Association (LVAA), Kentucky’s oldest arts organization, opened their last exhibition called “Troublesome Houses: Art Inspired By Will Oldham”. The curator is Kevin Titzer, who is an intense music-lover and this is his third show focused on artworks inspired by different bands or musicians. The first one was inspired by The Pixies, the next one by They Might Be Giants and this third one, by the prolific Will Oldham (aka Bonnie “Prince” Billy).

Let’s listen to the song that was the begining of the current exhibition and have a look at the artworks created ad hoc for the show.

Troublesome Houses_TheFOMOBlog_5

Troublesome Houses_TheFOMOBlog_6

Troublesome Houses_TheFOMOBlog_7

Troublesome Houses_TheFOMOBlog_8

Troublesome Houses_TheFOMOBlog_9

Troublesome Houses_TheFOMOBlog_10


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