Leonardo da Vinci’s Viola Organista

ViolaOrganista_Bartek DobrochTygodnik Powszechny_theFOMOblog_2


ViolaOrganista_Bartek DobrochTygodnik Powszechny_theFOMOblog

Yes, the Viola Organista which Leonardo da Vinci invented comes to Life After 500 Years! And it is thanks to the Polish concert pianist Sławomir Zubrzycki, who built it wih many passion, patience and, as he says, with a bit of intuition. He spent three years and 5000 hours bringing da Vinci’s creation to life, interpreting da Vinci’s plans, his notebooks of 1488–1489 and in the drawings in the Codex Atlanticus.

No more words needed. Just listen to this premier concert with the viola organista instrument.

And… Here is an interesting interview/article about Sławomir Zubrzycki and the buliding process of the Viola Organista; also known as ‘a string piano’, ‘Bogenklavier’ or ‘Geigenwerk’.


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